Patient Testimonials

When I first came to Dr. Mark 23 years ago, my life was threatened by the results of two childhood injuries. I had sought help from "traditional" medicine with no success. Dr. Mark recognized what others had failed to figure out and began to treat me even though other physicians told him he probably would have no success. Along with this, he has helped keep my allergic tendencies under control. Mar Mark has truly enriched my life. Another reason for his success with everyone is his positive, sometimes goofy attitude which keeps everyone from sinking into gloom because of pain and discomfort. My family loves our Dr. Mark.

I lived with pain for 10 years before coming to Dr. Mark. My back hasn't felt this good since I was in high school. Coming here has changed my quality of life.

Once I had the hic-ups for over 24 hours and they would not stop. I called the MD. And he said I should go to the ER where they'd probably give me a muscle relaxer and hope it goes away. I came to Dr. Mark, a quick adjustment and they were gone.

An Orthopedic Surgeon said I needed hip replacement. Within several visits with Dr. Mark, my hip pain was relieved. I continue to improve and am able to return to all normal activity that I had not done for many months.

I am very active and Dr. Mark fixed me when I had a herniated disc a couple years ago. I avoided surgery and now I see him regularly to avoid future injuries. Also, try a vitamin scan. It's a personalized vitamin program, taking what your body needs. You feel the difference!

Dr. Mark found out that peaches will spike my blood sugar then drop it, and since my body can't properly handle it, eating peaches, (which I did on a daily basis because they are my favorite fruit) caused me to have mood swings. Since then Dr. Mark has been helping me with foot pain, upper back/neck pain, and alignment of my back and hips.

I started going to Dr. Mark over 20 years ago. He was the only doctor who treated my neck pain without pain killers and I received relief. He is very knowledgeable about many health issues and always has a solution.

I had gotten hurt officiating a college football game more than 20 years ago and Dr. Mark got me back on the field without missing a game. He met me in his office six days in a row (Monday through Saturday) at 6:30 AM. In my opinion, he is the best.

Dr. Mark is awesome doctor and an incredible man. He has helped me countless times with serious back pain. He is kind and patient and a very good listener. My trust and respect for him comes from years of excellent care and advice, followed by outcomes that are more than I expected. I've recommended numerous friends and colleagues to Dr. Mark over the years and they’ve had the same experience and opinion of him.

Dr. Mark diagnosed me and has used a "multi-pronged" approach utilizing a number of his techniques. I am extremely pleased with my progress. I have been back to work full time for almost 18 months now and can drive a car without anxiety.