Patient Testimonials

When I first came to Dr. Mark almost 2 years ago, I had just had my first panic attack. I was out on disability. My anxiety was through the roof and I could barely drive a car because of it. I was scared, vulnerable and depressed. I had lost 12 lbs. in one month and I did not understand why this all was happening to me.

When I first came to Dr. Mark 23 years ago, my life was threatened by the results of two childhood injuries. I had sought help from "traditional" medicine with no success. Dr. Mark recognized what others had failed to figure out and began to treat me even though other physicians told him he probably would have no success. Along with this, he has helped keep my allergic tendencies under control. Mar Mark has truly enriched my life. Another reason for his success with everyone is his positive, sometimes goofy attitude which keeps everyone from sinking into gloom because of pain and discomfort. My family loves our Dr. Mark.

I am very active and Dr. Mark fixed me when I had a herniated disc a couple years ago. I avoided surgery and now I see him regularly to avoid future injuries. Also, try a vitamin scan. It's a personalized vitamin program, taking what your body needs. You feel the difference!

Dr. Mark is fabulous! My parents and I have been patients for years! Whatever your issue is he can help. I have gotten relief from migraines, carpel tunnel and allergies. He's truly a blessing and quite gifted.

For about 6 years, Dr. Mark has kept me moving! When arthritis slowed me down, he helped me out. Migraines were a problem and he helped with them. Thanks to him, at 72, I'm still going strong. Thank you Dr. Mark!

I have been seeing Dr. Mark for over 20 years. Every doctor I'd seen before him ignored my pain, dizziness and other strange symptoms I had after a bad car accident. Not only did his assessment of my situation and subsequent adjustments clear those symptoms, I continue to get relief when I have flare ups. He is a very kind and intelligent chiropractor and I recommend him highly.

Dr. Mark is fabulous! My parents and I have been patients for years. Whatever your issue is he can help. I have gotten relief from migraines, carpel tunnel and allergies. He truly is a blessing and quite gifted.

Eight years ago, I was struggling to walk for exercise, suffering Plantar Fasciitis - cortisone shots, leg braces, nothing worked. Dr. Mark's laser therapy had me up and moving - and I was able to lose the weight and get healthier. Today, he helps me with lower back pain and all-over maintenance. I am grateful to him and his staff for taking such good care of me.

I lived with pain for 10 years before coming to Dr. Mark. My back hasn't felt this good since I was in high school. Coming here has changed my quality of life.

My doctors at Fox Chase Cancer Center were amazed at how well I responded to chemotherapy and radiation. There is no doubt in my mind the reason for my response is because of Mark. Mark is amazing. He worked with me to reduce the side effects of chemo, increase my energy. Not only did his chiropractic adjustments help, but the alternative treatments allowed me to endure my cancer treatments. I do not live in PA, and am very sad to leave Mark's care. The people who live in PA are truly blessed to have mark and I will miss him dearly.